Allied Interests Inc.

Allied Interests - Texas Real Estate Specialists

Solving unique and challenging tasks undertaken for the benefit of its clients.

From its founding in 1987, the company has sought and chosen personnel, associates and consultants who possess the ability, experience and motivation to provide superior ser­vice to its client’s unique needs. The financial im­pact of Allied’s efforts (in terms of funds procured, debt restructured; and in­creases in sales, profits, assets and equity) exceeds $1 bil­lion. These tasks range from successfully securing for one of its clients the largest judgment settlement ever paid by the State of Texas to an individual ($14 million) to managing, as a consultant, a large real estate development company restructing through bankruptcy—at the time it was the largest bankruptcy filing in the Western District Court.


Acquisition, disposition and developing of real estate.

Allied, through the efforts of its president Jon Starnes, has designed, developed, managed and constructed numerous projects as an investor/owner and as a consultant including developing and/or consulting on over 2.13 million square feet of office buildings, multi-use projects, retail projects, sub­divisions, office-ware­houses, multi and single-family developments valued in excess of $460 million.


Venture investing, management and business consulting

President Starnes has owned, founded, developed and managed many companies in a variety of fields. These areas relate to real estate, architecture, construction, isotope manufacturing, start-up technology companies, lending/banking, clarifier manufacturing, infrared imaging, ground-penetrating radar, healthcare facilities, title companies and offshore seismic operations. Mr. Starnes was one of the founders and initial directors of International Isotopes Inc. that recently became a public company. Its principle acquisition was the accelerator portion of the U.S. Government’s 53-mile Superconducting Super Collider equipment and patents. The company is the first independent domestic producer of pharmaceutical grade isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals for commercial sale to the nuclear medicine industry.



Allied’s mission is to imagine and create environments that are expressive, well-designed and tailored to the needs of the organizations and communities it serves. Allied marshals the full range of development resources from site selection and financing all the way to managing the completed project. Guided by the highest ethics, Allied applies its diverse talents and years of experience with unparalleled results.